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The internship

We can help with most things, and here you will find answers to all the small questions that typically arise.  If you have any further questions, please contact us at or via social media.



The first meal of the day is served between 07:30 and 10:00. We agree in advance what time you want to eat, so that it fits in best with the cycling.

Breakfast is included in the stay.


As a starting point, we do not serve lunch, as we expect most of our guests to eat lunch in the terrain. But if you want lunch at the hotel, we'll talk about it. And I wonder if it can be arranged.


We have a chef attached, who in the evening prepares a 2- or 3-course menu for you. We start from local ingredients, from Spanish dishes and of course ensure that your depots are well stocked. The meals will be as organic as possible, and we try to keep the price down.

Our kitchen is closed one or two days a week, depending on occupancy, so that you also have the opportunity to try local restaurants. 

Drinks at the hotel

During meals, there is polite self-service of drinks. We have a delicious selection of local beers and wines, which you bring to the table and consume yourself. There is also soda and water with and without soda.

You simply write down what you take, and then we settle on the last day.

It is also possible to use the hotel's coffee bar and have it written in the room.


Transport by plane

Our hotel is located between three airports; Malaga, Granada and Almeria. For many, Malaga is the most obvious choice, and prices fluctuate greatly depending on the season and how well the tickets are booked.Norwegian,RyanairandSAS is easiest to find direct departures with, and our best advice is to be there in good time and book directly with the airline and not with a third party, as it often becomes a disruptive link if communication or changes are needed regarding the journey.

Transport by car

It is around 3000 km from Denmark to Gualchos by car. We did the trip ourselves with a single overnight stay, plenty of breaks and one night we drove through. The trip took approximately 60 hours.

Transport by train

We don't know much about train travel, but it is possible to make the journey in less than two days by train. This page is good for exploring the possibilities with:

Renting a car

Since our hotel is up in the mountains, it will be advantageous for most guests to rent a car themselves. This gives you the opportunity to go on trips to the beach, the neighboring towns or larger cities such as Malaga and Granada. If you rent a car in Malaga, we can recommendHelle Hollis, which we ourselves have used many times. It is possible to communicate with them i.a. Spanish, Danish and English, and when you book a stay with us, we can send you a discount codeHelle Hollisof 15% to you.

Regardless of who you rent a car from, our advice is again that you rent directly from the lessor and not through a third party.

Driving directions

Unfortunately, we have some problems with Google Maps and other map services showing the wrong location when the address is entered. You can therefore use this link to drive according to:


You can also insert these coordinators into Google Maps:
- 36.741287, -3.393373

Get picked up at the airport

If you do not want to rent a car and would like to be picked up or possibly just want your bike cases picked up so you can just rent a small car, we can also arrange an airport transfer in Malaga, Granada or Almeria.

Write to us and we can calculate a price for you. Write how many of you there are, when you plan to come and whether or not you have your own bikes with you.

Airport transfer is only settled when you check out of La Ventera.

Take the bus from the airport

It is also possible to take a bus from the airport in Malaga and then get off in Motril, which is 25 km from here. Use possibly the buses fromAlsa. It takes 2 hours and 45 minutes from Malaga and costs approx. 10 euros.

We can then pick you up in Motril. It costs 25 euros per person and 25 euros per bike.

Public transport in Gualchos

There is a public bus from Gualchos down to the coastal town of Castell de Ferro, but the bus only runs three days a week. Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.On the other hand, it's free :-) It leaves at 9:15 a.m. and returns here at 1:15 p.m.

Hotel service

Ind- og udtjekning

Vi har ingen faste regler for indtjekning. Det kan i teorien ske hele dagen, da det afhænger af, om nogle tjekker ud af værelset samme dag.

Ved indtjekning mellem 23:00 og 06:00 tager vi et ekstra gebyr på 25 euro pr. værelse. Det skal tilvælges, når man booker værelset. Sker det ikke, opkræver vi beløbet, når værelsesregningen gøres op.

Udtjekning kan ligeledes ske på alle tider af døgnet, og vi tager ikke noget ekstra gebyr for udtjekning i ydertimerne.

Cleaning the rooms

We do not clean the rooms every day, but it will happen every third day if desired. It is always possible to have bed linen and towels changed.

Corona rules

If you can enter Spain, you can also enter us :-)
We expect our guests to follow and respect the laws and regulations that may be down here, which we will of course inform about. The requirement for a mask was waived in most places on 20 April 2022, but it still applies in hospitals, in public transport, in pharmacies and care centres.

3 nights minimum

It is basically not possible to book a stay of less than three nights with us, but if you wish, you can contact us at, and then we can see if it can be done.

Rules for cancellation

Our rules for cancellation are as follows:

- If a stay at La Ventera is canceled more than 8 weeks before the first day of a booking, the full amount will be refunded.

-When canceling a stay at La Ventera 3-8 weeks before the first day of a booking, half the amount is refunded.

- When canceling a stay at La Ventera less than 3 weeks before the first day of a booking, nothing will be refunded.

Cancellation insurance

Since the whole world is a bit uncertain at this time, we have made a cancellation insurance which covers if you/you are prevented from visiting us. If you take out the insurance, then the above rules for cancellation come into effect, and you get all your money except the cancellation insurance back if you cancel before 10:00 on the first day of the booking. Price per person: 25 euros.

The insurance only applies if the entire room is cancelled, and not if there are two people in a room and only one person cancels.

The cancellation insurance does not apply to cycling clothing if you have chosen to design your own and production has started.

Additional purchases

Mass story

It is possible to get a massage at the hotel after a long day on the bike. The massage will ideally take place in the sunshine on the terrace, and there are prices for full and half hours.

Extra activities

If you want to have either wine tasting, beer tasting, bike fit or something else in the afternoon/evening, tell us about your wishes in good time. Then we'll see what we can arrange for you. 

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