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Our cycling hotel

On this page, we would like to give you an insight into what you can expect from the hotel when you visit us. First of all, you can expect a hotel that loves cycling, exudes it and is decorated accordingly. La Ventera consists of a coffee shop and a cycling hotel. The coffee bar is open to everyone, while the rest of the hotel is only for hotel guests. Therefore, you get an exclusive experience here. Not exclusive in the expensive way, but in a relaxing and calm way that makes our guests feel at home and makes them want to use the whole hotel and not just the assigned rooms.

La Ventera


The coffee shop

Our small coffee bar also serves as the hotel's reception, and this is where we typically stay and are ready to help our guests. The coffee bar is also for locals, tourists and quite a few cycling groups make a stop here at the weekend. We offer, among other things, locally roasted coffee, beer, soda, sandwiches, panini and home-baked cake.  Outside the coffee shop there is a small terrace overlooking the sea, the mountains and our fruit trees.

Five steps above our coffee bar starts the area of the hotel which is only for hotel guests. The black bar counter is the place where we serve breakfast every morning, which lays a good foundation for today's bike ride. In one corner there are two refrigerators, from which our guests take care of their own beer, water and wine without being dependent on us. There is also a small snack bar with chips, chocolate, nuts, fruit and some energy bars, protein bars and gels. You just draw a line when you take something. We trust you :-)


The black bar counter


The yellow living room

The yellow living room is the hotel's large living room. This is where our guests typically eat breakfast and dinner and here there is plenty of opportunity to relax before and after the bike rides. There are three dining tables and room for all sleeping guests, as well as a sofa area with games, books and a flat screen on which content can be streamed at will. From the yellow living room there is access to our terrace.

The rooms

We have a total of beds for 12 people in five cozy rooms, which are more or less the same. We have five rooms with private bath/toilet and either a double bed or two single beds. In addition, there is an extra bedroom with a double bed for room 5 and still one bathroom to share.


The rooms are located in our hallway, from which there is a separate exit, so that you can come and go as you please. Our guests get a key to that exit.

La Ventera terrasse.jpg

The terrace

Our terrace is fantastic and with a view over the Mediterranean has several functions. This is typically where the first cold beer or soft drink is enjoyed after a good, long day in the mountains. This is also where the troops gather before departure in the morning, as our bike room and the entrance from the mountain road adjoin the terrace.

In the warm months, meals are also taken on the terrace, and if we arrange wine, beer or a third tasting and the weather is right, it can also take place here. 

The bicycle room

Our bicycle room or bicycle garage is one of the rooms that was important to us that there was room for in the hotel. When we took it over, the bike room was a dilapidated garage, but with the help of a local craftsman, we have created a cool little place for the bikes. There is room for 12 hanging bicycles in the room, which also has the basic tools and a hanger outside so that the equipment can be screwed and adjusted a bit. At the suspension there is also a water hose for a quick bike wash.


The garden

Below the hotel's coffee bar, we also have a small garden with quite a few fruit trees. When we took over the hotel there were two lemon trees, two mandarin trees, an orange tree, a plum tree, an almond tree, a pistachio nut tree, and fortunately they are still there. But since then we have planted an avocado tree and a mango tree ourselves, which we got as a "move-in gift". And yes, we have also planted a lemon tree inside our entrance. 

In the garden we have a few tables and chairs, so if you want to relax and isolate yourself a bit, it is a fantastic place to sit down with a good book, a cold beer or a freshly made café latte and enjoy the silence. Or simply to eat some fresh fruit :-)

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